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4 Wasted Expenses For Massage Therapy Suite Owners in 2020, part 1

By September 10, 2020Blog
important information before you rent a salon suite

Becoming a massage therapy suite owner is the embodiment of a dream that comes true for most massage therapist professionals. As an owner, have you given much thought as to the astonishing growth in the massage industry? One of the amazing astonishments is that massage professionals finally have been given a chance to own their own spa business without the insane cost of overhead.

Having that private spa room for rent space for only you and your client is priceless and having the ability for 24/7 access, giving you that feeling the freedom to come and go as you please. Wait, there is a bit more about using your products, your choice of essentials oils, massage oils, and linens. The most ultimate to your dream is to build your brand, and your spa suite can be set up to reflect you.

Sounds like your dream?

Salon and Spa Galleria can make all these things possible when you choose to become a salon suites owner. We advise that thought processes need to be in the lines of a business owner. Don’t forget you are the rockstar at the table with your clients.

Does your dream include visualizing the six-figure income? (hey, we all have that desire), being smart about your money is the first thought step. Back end understanding of your business means fewer expenses and more money coming to your bank account.

Follow these next steps will help you reduce expenses with no work or spa suites for rent compromise.

1) The Salon Suite Lease Lunchtime

Consisting of frequently taken meals in the breakroom from a restaurant or door dash deliveries or uber eats delivery squeezed in the small time frame between appointments. Being a fast and easy answer to getting a meal, you want easier? Bring your lunch, yes it is easier, even with not wanting to take the time to pack a lunch. No one goes guiltless in knowing the delivery person’s first name. Hmm… think about the amount of money or dough you would save by taking the time to pack. The tips and fee savings alone would be an average of $7 per meal delivery. Then there is the spending expense of at least $10 – $20 per lunch with the not to mention drinks from your local coffee café per day. See the wow adding up expense? Buy a coffee maker and a pack a homemade lunch can rejuvenate (no pun intended) $50 – $100 back to your pocket at the end of the week.

2) The Professional No-Shows

Have you ever been a victim of the no-shows? Believe us, if it has not happened, it will.

The stress freedom of being the spa owner is the ability to control your schedule and clientele. Develop the habit of consistently doing the day of follow-up confirmation. You will want to pay close attention to this habit when it comes to first-time clients or online appointment makers. Knowing plans change and though someone confirmed a week or a few days ago doesn’t mean that a no cancel or no show won’t happen. Practice this until it is a habit this way, you’re not wasting your time in a standstill mode wondering. And should the confirmation day follow-up yields to a cancelation or reschedule, you will be able to fill the time or utilize it to build your brand on social media. Then start executing a no-show policy. An appointment requiring a deposit does help deter a total loss to a no-show.

Stay tuned for part two of the wasted expenses for a massage therapy suite owner in 2020.

Looking? At the therapeutic way to relieve money stress or balance expenses, lease salon suites from Salon and Spa Galleria. The lease specials and inexpensive weekly rates, starting as low as $50.

To contact a leasing agent, call 817-917-1416 or 817-823-7105 or the concierges 972.691.7300. To schedule a tour and have any questions answered about move-in or leases.