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Microblading Opportunities in Tarrant County

By October 1, 2019Salon Spa Blog

The amount of information we know about microblading would fit in a thimble, but we know a whole lot about microblading opportunities in Tarrant County, so read on.

It’s not necessary for us to know anything about microblading.  Our job is to provide you, the microblading professional, with the best opportunity to make it as a small business owner, and that’s what we do at Salon & Spa Galleria.  Call us for more details after you read this article. Our number is (817) 823-7105, and we are in the Dreams Come True business.

Where do you currently do your microblading?

Most likely you either work out of a beauty salon or someone else’s microblading salon.  Most likely you work on a commission basis.  It is a good opportunity for someone just starting out in the business.  The overhead is low, the salon already has a name for itself and a steady stream of customers, and you can get your feet wet and build your reputation with very little financial risk.  But you also will not make a great deal of money in that scenario, and eventually there will come a time when you will want to start your own microblading business.

Microblading problems you will face

In order to have a business, you need a location from which to run that business, and retail space for lease is expensive in Tarrant County.  The least expensive retail space for rent we can find is at Box Office Warehouse Suites.  There you can find 320 square feet of prime retail space for $875 per month.  Not bad at all, especially for a fledgling business, but there are other expenses to consider, expenses like utilities, professional microblading supplies and spa furniture, a waiting room, marketing, and on and on down the expense list we go until suddenly you have no money left.

Starting a microblading business can be expensive . . .

Unless you take advantage of the great opportunity at Salon and Spa Galleria.

$50 per week! That’s how much a microblading spa room will cost you at select locations of Salon and Spa Galleria.  That is basically one microblading customer to cover the lease expense.  But what about the other business start-up costs?

Salon & Spa Galleria pays the utilities.  We provide professional microblading equipment.  We provide a marketing package, an HDTV, and WiFi, all free.  We provide a full-time concierge and free laundry.  We basically bring everything you need to the table except your expertise and your customer list, and those we figure you can provide.

Review what you just read: you can basically start your own microblading business at Salon and Spa Galleria for as little as fifty bucks per month. If you can find a better deal in Tarrant County we encourage you to sign on with that deal.

Microblading Fort Worth, microblading Mansfield, microblading Arlington TX, we have nine locations to choose from with Salon and Spa Galleria.  All you have to do is call us and arrange for a tour.  Sit down, talk about it with our leasing agents, and get started owning your own microblading business.  It’s about time you reap the full benefits from your abilities.