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Nail Salon Suites For The New Nail Tech

By October 31, 2019Blog

Nail salon suites are an attainable goal, for the new nail tech who dreams of being their own boss. Let’s start by saying congratulations on finishing school and attaining your license. You have fantasized about this day for a long time now haven’t you? And dreams do come true. So keep reading to find out that renting a nail salon suite is the answer to future. Then call 972-691-7300 if you should have any other questions.

You deserve a piece of the “American Dream”; you have worked hard to get your license. Take your yearning to be the boss of your own salon to the next level. Where you get to be in control of your schedule, and you’ve earned the entitled reward of not just a portion but the full share of profits for your hard work.

Are you still questioning how do I start my nail salon suite? The steps may seem daunting for the first time fresh out of cosmetology school entrepreneur. Responsibilities like register your business, the acquisition of working capital, and inventory purchasing and other tasks will seem intimidating. Well, it doesn’t have to be we are here to help. We are Salon and Spa Galleria the leader in the business model of the nail booth rental.

A simple though a helpful hint – rent a booth in a salon first.

Think of it as a first-time homeowner. They are advised to rent a home before buying. Renting a nail booth allows flexibility for you to test drive the business waters without a costly commitment. Let us explain a bit more to help show you.

You will need to decide on a location for your nail salon. It has been said before location, location, and location determines the success of a business. Salon and Spa Gallerias has taken this into consideration providing the DFW area with 9 locations and plans to build more. That’s right now. You see why we are a leader in the mini salon business.

A Nail Booth Rent Cost

Nail salon suite space is comparatively cheaper to lease than spaces for hairstyling services since it requires less equipment and fewer resources. We have you covered with the cost thing too, with leases starting as low as $50 a week. Renting your nail space will save you money because you only pay for the space you need. Meaning you will be in control of the growth of your profit.

The Balance of Work and Life

Is the best part of the “American Dream” – How you ask? Let us explain, renting a nail salon provides you with greater freedom to work as much like, as opposed to being a salon employee. Freedom’s price might come in the form of the rental fee, though you will have greater independence to use your ingenuity to generate your business. Over time you will determine if your returns are promising enough to expand the business and take your entrepreneurship to the next level.

To inquire more about operating your own nail salon suite and getting your piece of the “American Dream” Contact us at 972-691-7300 and set up an appointment to take a tour.