Amazing And Affordable Salon Suites

By October 18, 2016Blog

Being your own boss by renting a salon suite, you can control your destiny; manage your business; its growth and its profitability. One great factor when leasing from Salon and Spa Galleria is you can be your own person. There is no dress code, you can come and go as you please, and keep all your profit minus chair or suite rent. You are able to express yourself through your look and your suite. We welcome all beauty professionals to join in on a great opportunity. We are here for you, to make running your own business less stressful so you can focus on your clientele. Unlimited income and profit potential-provided you gain the necessary skills and knowledge that we will assist you in a successful business. In short with this model you manage your business rather than your business manage you.
Once you have chosen Spa Galleria as your foundation we can assist you and give you tools to help you advertise your business and make it boom even more by attracting more clients in your chair. Booth rentals are already prevalent in 55% of salons like Salon and Spa Galleria so you determine your own income and success. Being able to have full control in every aspect of the business you so thoroughly enjoy your job is exhilarating and the freedom to do your own thing at the heart of the American Dream. Booth renters now exemplify that entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t wait any longer to be your own boss, call us today, take a tour and see what all we have to offer.

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