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Professional services:

  • Facials
  • Makeup
  • Lash/Brow Tint


Why I became an esthetician and why I decided to open up a mini salon is because I struggled with confidence and my appearance. I had cyst acne and hormonal acne and I always strived to fix and prefect my natural beauty. Becoming a skin therapist/ Esthetician helped me achieve that goal. Waxing because a passion of mine being able  to remove unwanted hair and make a man or woman feel so much more comfortable and beautiful in their own skin just gives me great pleasure and happiness. I know hormones can play a big part in unwanted hair growth and or genetic makeup. Speaking of makeup I love being able to hid imperfections of my skin due to acne and scars this is just another reason I decided to go in to esthetics. Deciding to opening up my OWE PLACE gives me the opportunity to have a more personal one on one  experience with my clients. To get to know them and becaue a team on protecting and protecting there skin and getting rid of un wanted hair not just working for a  franchise than only just want the money. I’m a caregiver and love to care for my clients not just get paid.