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Unique “IV Hydration and Injection Therapy” Now Available

By March 15, 2022Press Releases

Arlington, Texas – March 15, 2022 – Tucked away in Salon and Spa Galleria Sublett, Tranquility Bar Hydration and Wellness is now open and offering IV vitamin infusions, Injection therapy, as well as lymphatic massages.

The owner, Sade Briscoe is a Registered Nurse who personally administers vitamin IV infusions and injections for clients. There is an IV remedy available to suit the many needs of just about everyone in the community. IV hydration is most commonly used for immune support, reducing inflammation, hangover reduction, reducing cold and flu symptoms, fast re-hydration, optimizing athletic performance, fatigue, jet lag and much more.

“When you take a vitamin supplement orally, it has approximately a 20%-40% absorption rate. As much as 60%-80% of it is lost after filtering through your digestive system. But if your body receives the same nutrients through an IV, you’re looking at 90-100% bio-availability of vitamins via infusion. – In fact, almost all of my clients experience noticeable results within 3 days after having a vitamin IV drip.” Nurse Briscoe says.

According to Nurse Briscoe, “taking vitamins via an injection or an IV is far more effective than taking pills. Doing so, bypasses the digestive system and puts the nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This makes sure that you get more of the good stuff than if you rely on oral intake alone, especially if you have malnutrition issues,” she adds.

Clients who want to address a particular issue with vitamin therapy can come in, be assessed by a provider, and access a customized solution infused directly through an IV drip or injection.

The hydration and wellness center also offers lymphatic massage therapy to clients who want to maintain proper circulation, improve immune functions, and for post recovery.

On why she opened the clinic during the pandemic, Nurse Briscoe said, “Last year, while working as a nurse, I came across a patient who was recovering from COVID-19. The patient insisted on getting a vitamin infusion. Although it wasn’t common practice, I asked the doctor for an order for a banana bag, which is a bag of IV fluids filled with essential nutrients such as thiamine, folate, magnesium and multivitamins.” The doctor I was working with, gave me the order and stated, “It can’t hurt to try.” We were all blown away when that patient reported that she felt so much better than before taking the infusion.

Nurse Briscoe then went on to do her own research on vitamin infusions and decided to attend training on IV hydration and injection therapy. She wanted to be able to offer the service to others and that’s how Tranquility Bar Hydration and Wellness started.

Tranquility Bar Hydration and Wellness offers different IV treatments for a variety of conditions. One of the most popular among nurse Briscoe’s customers is The Myer’s Cocktail. Named after renowned Dr. John Myer. The Myer’s cocktail is a multivitamin concoction designed to provide relief from pains, aches, fibromyalgia, fatigue, allergies, and migraines. There are also IV hydration drips to help with athletic performance, beauty accentuation, hangover reduction, and much more. Tranquility Bar also offers B-12 injections, Lipo B-12, Glutathione, and more. Memberships and plans are also available.

“Sometimes, people just don’t feel good. It may be related to a vitamin deficiency, or it may just be that they are tired, stressed, or not sleeping well. My goal is to keep my customers bodies and minds as healthy as possible by using treatments that focus on their body’s needs from the inside out,” nurse Briscoe explains.

The vitamin therapy sessions usually take 30-60 minutes. Once the infusion is finished, you can go home and go about your normal activities shortly after. Nurse Briscoe is currently offering $10 off infusions and $5 off injections to first-time clients. To set up an appointment, you can send an email to [email protected] visit the website, or call at 682-267-3600.

About Tranquility Bar Hydration and Wellness: Located in the Salon and Spa Galleria Sublett, Arlington, TX, this IV vitamin hydration bar and vitality center, which offers customized treatments to help you look and feel good, inside and out.

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