A Fashion Statement Hair Salon

By September 24, 2020Blog

A fashion statement in a hair salon reveals itself as a color or style.  Your hair is the hair professional’s medium and their palette is the tubes of color in which they use.  Art is expressed in hair color and the hairstylist is known as the new artist in the beauty industry.

The nail technician had grown as the real artist of color and technique. In their salon room rental, they would create a fantastic canvas of art. Things like bouquets to Monet and Picasso artworks of abstracts with crystals and lines.  We say move over nail techs the hairstylist is coming up in the art ranks.  You find that you want to express yourself and show your confidence in your choice of fashion statements.  A little something new to add an extra punch to your wardrobe.  Or maybe make an explosive entrance to the next event or gathering. How about adding a wow factor to the office event presentation.

In the next part of this article are some great tips on how to make the most of your fashion statement appointment.

1) Find Salonthis is an essential factor.  No regular salon will due.  Start by defining your search for a salon suites owner.  Why we recommend this because these are the stylist that has taken the fantastic journey not to follow the norm and be individually creative. They realized working in a salon that only uses the salon’s choice of colors was stifling their creativity.

2) Consultation – this step is key and very crucial when finding the right hair artist. We recommend not skipping this step. Like all great works of art have to be commissioned, so should you think of your hair. At the consultation, you will want to discuss your goals, hair maintenance and your concerns.  Questions, questions and more questions ask wholly and freely and listen to the stylist.  Look around at their salon suite and booth rental. Does it define their personality or their artistic creativity?  Their choice of location can be a determining factor of who and what they want their salon is about.

3) Inspiration – Pictures are essential here with your likes and dislikes. The inspiration is a great way to start off being on the same page.  Here is where the hairstylist artist will discuss the best color tones and methods for your hair.  The artist weights’ all the factors, such as if it’s been colored before, what process it had been done and what will work best with your skin tone. They will always cover the maintenance involved.

4) Appointment – You have done all the steps. Anticipation is building, feeling a bit nervous, don’t be, it will be so much fun. Experiencing stylists’ creativity as they create art using the various color and tones for your fashion statement is exhilarating. The stylist will be life and shine to your hair fashion statement. Enjoy the journey and the outcome.

Salon and Spa Galleria, the leader in the salon suite rental industry, offers the hairstylist artist room to express and create in their style.  Providing all the amenities that a larger salon offers in the rental fee, minimizing the stylists’ stress over high expenses.  Check out our nine amazing locations design with your and your clients in mind.

Contact us for more information about an exciting opportunity to own your salon studio.  We enjoy it when we can help hair artist professionals find business independence.

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