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A Realistic Look At Booth Rental Vs Commission

By July 7, 2021Blog
booth rental vs commission debate

For those weighing their options, whether to continue working for commissions in a beauty shop owned by someone else, or plunging into a booth rental, this article is for you, a realistic look at booth rental vs commission.

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Now, though, let’s look at the ongoing debate of booth rental vs commission in the beauty industry.

Booth rental pros and cons

For those new to the debate, a booth rental, or salon space rental, is an opportunity for talented beauty professionals to own their own business, working out of a salon room rental. Instead of leasing an entire building from which you run a hair styling business or a massage business, you simply rent one room and run your business from there.

The main advantage to this is money.  You run your own business and you keep 100% of the profits.  You make your own business decisions.  You work your own hours. You have no boss telling you what to do.  Your success and advancement depend solely on you.  A booth rental salon is a very inexpensive way for a talented professional to break free from the yoke of a beauty shop which is owned by someone else.  It is a low-risk option which many are choosing to take.

But there are cons.  The success of your business depends on you. There is no guaranteed paycheck.  You will succeed, or you will fail, dependent upon your decisions and your work ethic and your talent.

For those confident in their abilities, a booth rental is a great option. For those who are not self-starters, or who like working for someone else, stress-free, a booth rental is not a good option.

Commission pros and cons

Working for someone else has its advantages.  You show up for work and you are guaranteed a paycheck.  You have no decisions to make. You have no stress to worry about.  As long as you have talent, and as long as you have a loyal client base, you can continue indefinitely, knowing you will always have a paycheck and your bills will always be paid.

But you also have very little chance of finding financial independence.  Working for 30% commission, or 40% commission, will not make you rich. It might make you comfortable, but it will not make you rich . . ever!  You will have to work the hours you are given. You will not be a part of any decision-making process.  And, for many, the realization that their potential is being wasted, will be a reality.

Which is best for you?

We can’t answer this question in a simple article. It’s a decision only you can make.  Are you the type of person who likes a guaranteed income with very little risk, or are you a person who thrives on challenge and would like to be in control of your financial future?

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