“What is this new Microblading?”

Many have asked, and are still left without answers. Microblading, also known by several titles such as 3D eyebrow enhancement, feather touch, and microstroking all are to resemble natural hair like strokes presenting a fuller shaped brow. This semi-permanent approach allows client to achieve the desired brows without a lifetime commitment. The Microblading experience includes a complete procedure beginning with a consultation, brow request and feedback, followed by a stencil of the final look before applying ink.  Ink is applied manually with a mini blade, to achieve the best look for the client.

IBar Cosmetics Master Tech Que, has had extensive training in micropigmetion and a background in medicine as a Clinical Nurse.  So have a peace at mind knowing your brows are in safe hands!



IBar Cosmetics features the latest 3D eyebrow enhancement with Microblading! For years, we’ve all suffered from time waisted due to drawing in imperfect brows. Some of us have even considered tattooed eyebrows, desperately wanting to fill the void of full desirable brows. Allow Master Tech Que, at IBar Cosmetics to assist you with a solution to your brow problems!




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