Renting Space for a Beauty Salon

By April 13, 2018Blog
DFW microblading suites available at Salon & Spa Galleria

Are you considering renting space for a beauty salon?  There are several important things to consider before you sign on the dotted line, so let’s talk about them right now.

Are you financially ready for the commitment of a beauty salon?

Did you know that the majority of new businesses fail in the first two years because the owners are financially-strapped and cannot meet their obligations? That is a hard reality that must be discussed before becoming a business owner.  Can you afford to rent a retail space?  They are not cheap, you know.  In a thriving economic area, leasing costs are high, but it is not just the leasing costs which you must consider.  You must also consider the secondary costs like utilities, equipment, marketing, and other overhead which can quickly sink a fledgling business.

Do you have the necessary cash to cover all of those expenses?

Now that we have your attention you might be willing to listen to an alternative plan, one where you are still the business owner but you only pay for a salon suite for rent, a situation like the one offered by Salon & Spa Galleria.

Under our business plan, you pay a weekly fee for a salon room for rent.  You are the boss of your business, but in this scenario you are only renting one room, and depending on the location that fee can be as low as fifty dollars per week. Imagine owning a business and only paying $200 per month for your salon suite rental prices.  It may sound unbelievable, but with Salon & Spa Galleria the unbelievable is true!

Not only that, but with Salon & Spa Galleria, professional equipment is available should you need it.  The salon suite is available 24/7 for those odd-hour customers. We provide free internet and we provide a marketing package which includes your own professional website page on our website.  All you provide is your expertise and your customer base.  It is, in a very real sense, a turnkey business.

Now which of those two options sounds the best for someone first making a go of it as a small-business person?  Which sounds financially feasible?  Which sounds like the best chance for success?

Salon & Spa Galleria works on this philosophy:  we keep you happy and satisfied, and you drive business our way by being successful and professional.  It is a win-win scenario where we all come out better for our union.

Give us a call!  You really can’t afford to pass up this opportunity for a salon booth rental which will launch your stylist business to the next level of success.