Full Service Salon Fort Worth

By October 16, 2018Salon Suites
Salon microblading services available at Salon & Spa Galleria

If your dream is to own a full service salon Fort Worth, you are reading the correct article. Continue reading and then call (817) 823-7105 for more details.

There is Fort Worth and there is the Fort Worth area; which do you want? We have Salon & Spa Galleria locations at 5208 Airport Fwy and 2613 Weisenberger, both in Fort Worth, but we also have eight other locations in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County area, including Mansfield, Grapevine, Arlington, Bedford, and the Alliance Area, so you have ten to choose from in total.

Ten opportunities to be your own boss in your own mini-beauty salon in Fort Worth!

How does it all work at Salon & Spa Galleria.

It’s a pretty simple plan, quite frankly, one we are sure you will find palatable.  We basically supply everything for a salon booth rental of your choice, for that everything you pay a weekly or monthly lease fee which can be as low as $50 per week in select locations.  Salon booth rental prices you can afford.

Read that last paragraph again and then call the number above.  You really can’t afford to pass up this deal.

We provide everything you need: equipment, securing monitoring, HDTV, WiFi, web page, press release, washer and dryer, professional staff, tankless water heater, 24/7 access, all at no cost to you.

What do you provide for this salon booth rental opportunity?

It’s very simple, really.  You provide the expertise.  You provide the customer list.  You provide whatever supplies you will need, and you provide whatever products you plan on selling.

We provide everything else, a full service salon Fort Worth at a very low price.

So let’s see how this pencils out.  For as little as $500 in start-up costs, you can own your own beauty salon in Fort Worth.

For as little as $500 and $50 per week, you can be an independent business owner.

Is this Salon & Spa Galleria business model successful?

Yes, to the tune of ten locations with more under construction.  Yes, to the tune of it being locally owned and operated by Ron Sturgeon, commercial real estate legend in Fort Worth. And yes, to the tune of hundreds of beautician currently very successful in our Salon and Spa Galleria locations.

Which leads us to this question: what do you have to lose by calling that phone number above? Surely you are tired of working in beauty salons owned by someone else.  Surely you are tired of being the talented professional but being paid commissions.  Surely you are tired of working long hours to that a beauty shop owner can get rich.  And surely you are tired of seeing other people with a fraction of the talent you have make it while you continue to struggle.

It’s time for a change, and we are that change.  Let’s not complicate things. Call that number and talk to our representative.  Arrange for a tour. Talk to current full service salon Fort Worth owners at Salon & Spa Galleria.  Sign a release.  That entire process will take two days.

In two days you can be in business for yourself.

Think about that for a moment.

Two days!

Call us!