Grapevine Salon and Spa Helps Specialists Boost Business

By January 11, 2011May 22nd, 2017Press Releases

Salon and Spa Galleria Offers Business-Building Advantages to Tenants

January 11, 2011 – Grapevine, TX – The new Salon and Spa Galleria in Grapevine seeks to help salon technicians and beauty specialists build their careers and perfect their craft.  Equipped with a proficient marketing team to drive traffic and a large amount of ready-to-use equipment, their aim is to provide a nurturing atmosphere for self-starting tenants looking to start or boost their businesses.

“While we do have several studios up front for mainstream services like hair styling and nail art,” says Leah Haroldson, the salon’s property manager, “the health spa in the back is perfect for the more health and fitness-related specialists such as dieticians or nutritionists, or even personal trainers.”

What this means for prospective tenants is that just about anything goes.  “We want to be everything to everyone,” says the salon’s owner.  “I know that sounds crazy at first, but who says we can’t be a one-stop shop for everything health and wellness?  I see no reason why makeup artistry, pedicures, yoga classes, tanning and massages can’t all happen simultaneously under one roof.”

The salon is currently equipped with several pieces of professional equipment and amenities, including a microdermabrasion machine, massage chairs, medical tables and cabinets, hydraulic chairs and shampoo bowls, mani-pedi equipment and a retail boutique space.  Every studio has mirrors and custom shelving.  Specifically, they are looking for a spa operator who knows how to use the equipment they already have in their fully equipped spa area.

Sitting in the heart of one of the busiest shopping centers in Grapevine, the Salon and Spa Galleria certainly knows how to make an entrance.  Bringing cutting-edge online marketing tactics to the world of health and beauty, the salon’s owner is confident that it will make waves in no time, and assures specialists that “the time to get onboard is now.”

For more information on the Salon and Spa Galleria’s equipment, accommodations and rental options, visit their webpage at or call Leah Haroldson at (972) 691-7300.