In a Hurry Hairstyles by Hair Salon Professionals

By January 7, 2021Blog
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The in a hurry hairstyles explained by hair salon professionals.  Forget Mondays being manic, most morning you find yourself in not so perfect rush to get ready. You discovered that you have slept through all the alarms and ten snoozes, yep, it’s already a rough morning.  You find the adrenaline is forcing itself through your body, making for the clumsy you come out, strong, and there is not a time for redos. The time you’re having isn’t a good time. We know what you’re going through, and we have found ourselves in the same spot. You will hear salon professionals recommend quick fixes for the ladies because unlike guys, you as most women can’t roll out of bed, hurriedly pull on some jeans, and be heading out of the house in 10mins. You have makeup application needs, the outfit, if not picked out already, will need to be, and the hair must be done.

So the beauty salon professionals say that mornings can be even worse, they share client stories of waking up to bad hair day, those days where you can’t run a comb or brush through your hair. They can’t even say it’s good-to-go, because anything done to your hair taking longer than five minutes is a big no go.  Let the professional tenants of Salon and Spa Galleria offer you some quick, easy hairstyles that will be helpful when the hurry is on.

At Salon and Spa Galleria, the leader in salon leasing have beauty professionals who know what it’s like waking up to bad hair days. However, know all too well, waking up to the bad hair day, and wakening up late is a daily disaster.  That is why they have put together a guide to help. Read on to


The Salon Studio Messy Bun

This is a salon hairstyle that is loved by every lady. Being simple, quick, and can be outfitted up or outfitted down. In the case you have tried the traditional messy bun countless times and still failed, let is share the step-by-step guide that will help you nail it the next time.

  • Start by get-together the hair and put into a high ponytail (messy buns work best with longer hair)
  • Twist the ponytail from roots to tips
  • Keep twisting, until the hair begins to kink, wrap the hair in the twist direction until all the hair forms a bun
  • Using a hair tie, secure the bun, and use bobby pins to give it a different style.

And presto! Your hair is in a beautifully messy bun. Some will pull loose pieces of the ends out for an added messy bun effect.

Salon Suites Braided Style

Being there are many different types and styles of braids that can be done that will look cute and help keep your hair tame. Braids can be done quickly. Choosing to do a regular braid, French braid, or a Dutch braid, these are cute looking that and not tricky. Unfortunately, describing or including instructions on how to French braid or Dutch braid can get complicated, let us recommend to check out this Pinterest articles from Cosmopolitan, which lists 17 different kinds of braid styles and has the how to do them videos!

Salon Booth Ponytail

The ponytail does not and won’t have to look last minute or like a lazy hairdo (even if it is). Style the ponytail so that it is cute with a flirty and fun look! Take a teasing brush and tease the hair close to the roots, gather the hair in a high ponytail and fasten it with a hair tie. Pull out pieces to make it look sexy messy or do a slick back style by adding some products to your hair. There are so many ways to do a ponytail.

Our professional tenants have shared only a few of the many easy and quick hairstyles that can be done while in a hurry. We will always recommend choosing the old faithful, the hat! To cover up that bed-head. Either way, after a rough morning, be sure to schedule with your salon professional a personal hair salon service.

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