Salon and Suites Break The Rules of Conventional

By August 13, 2020Salon Spa Blog

So let’s talk about the salon and suites business.

So I was driving and happened to look up and saw a church marquee that read two services, conventional or synthetic! Making my mind kind of chuckle and move in the direction of thoughts,

What would a pastor be saying? Or, what would the congregation be thinking as it was all laid out from them? What would the invitation look like? One must attend to see.

Conventional or synthetic is very thought-provoking. I am sitting at the concierge desk in a salon suite rental Grapevine business known as Salon and Spa Galleria. Salon and Spa Galleria is a leader in the suites rental business.

When I started working here, I had no idea about the things of hair or the beauty industry. I quickly learned of new things like; what happens in a microblading salon, massage therapy spa suite, and hair salons — giving away to thinking about the signage conventional or synthetic.

The Conventional Meaning In The Beauty Profession.

Conventional gives away to following the traditional forms or what is generally acceptable at the expense of individuality. In the beauty profession, the form of beauty parlors or beauty shops expresses convention. This type of business is better described as a single owner beauty salon set up with their design, selling their choice of products and employees working for commission.  Other words used in place of the word conventional are normal, regular, ordinary, and traditional. The words bring me back to how could this applies to the fantastic tenants of Salon and Spa Galleria; it doesn’t. There is a factor known for the business owners of a mini-salon or spa, and it’s called individuality.

Salon Suites For Rent Break The Rules of Conventional.

Who doesn’t like breaking the rules a little bit? That’s what I thought. So, this brings us to the word synthetic. Just under the surface of how the word is used, there is amazingness that can describe the owner of a salon suites lease. Words like cultivated, processed, and refined are hidden in the complexity of the synthetic word. These words describe the new generation of hairstylists, nail technicians, estheticians, and brow/eyelash artists. Breaking away from the norm, these professionals find their creativity, and individuality is their brand. No longer are these professionals bound by convention or having to pay rental fees for a spot lease and a paycheck based on commission.

These rule-breakers of the beauty profession are finding how they get to keep 100% of the money coming in. Setup their salons are expressing their style and fashion. Sell the products they use and keeping 100% of the profits.

How? You ask well, as I mentioned, I work for a leader in the industry of salon suite leasing.  This business is set up to assist in inspiring creative personalities to own and operate their own salon business, without the huge startup cost. Here’s a bit of a mind-blowing thing what about a business startup cost of as low as $50? Yes, you read, right.

Give us a call. We have two salon managers ready to schedule a tour of any one of our 9 locations. Pick-up that phone and dial the digits 817.917.1416 or 817.823.7105. Yes, it is that simple to own your own salon.