Booth Rental In Arlington

By June 30, 2017 Blog

Are you looking to rent a booth in the DFW area? We have just wanted you are looking for at Salon and Spa Galleria. The growing number of booth rental models or opportunities is not just what it’s about; it’s about growth in the numbers of beauty professionals themselves. There are several pros for this type of employment. You can set your own hours and rates making it easier to fit work into an active and busy lifestyle. You are also your own boss and make the rules for your business, and sell product right out of your very own suite and increase your revenue up to 10-15 percent.

Booth renting offers the chance to run your own business without the added stress of running an entire salon and you can finally get out of those commission based salons and quite giving half of your money to someone else. If you already have a steady and loyal clientele base then booth renting is just for you. Also if you are looking to expand that clientele base when you come join us we can help you with our monthly marketing classes we have for all of our tenants as well as our free press release we give each of our tenants when they sign on to let their clients know where they are at and for any prospective clients.

One great thing about leasing a salon suite from Salon and Spa Galleria is that you can be your own person. There is no dress code, you can set your own hours, decide which services you want to provide, and make your own money. You can express yourself through your look and through your suite; after all, it is your own. With every tenant that is leasing with us, you will receive a 32-inch flat screen TV with Direct TV hook up for you to enjoy your down time or for your clients to enjoy while they are in your chair. We also have many other incentives to offer when you join our team here at Salon and Spa Galleria. We would love to add you and your talents to one of our 5 salons. So give one of our leasing managers a call and set up a tour.