Salon Leasing In Grapevine

By June 30, 2017 Blog

Are you in the beauty industry and looking to get out on your own? With the beauty industry booming the sky is the limit for licensed professionals. If you own or work for a hair salon, you know that the client-stylist relationship is important. People look for salons based on word of mouth, social networking, and review sites. Hair is important to many people and customers want to know that they trust their image with a knowledgeable salon and stylist. Why Salon and Spa Galleria is voted number one. For all of our tenants, we want to make sure that their success comes first, why we have implemented monthly marketing classes, a free press release when you sign on as well as a web page on our website to better establish where you have moved too for your existing clients as well as future ones.

We have many amenities when you sign on with us. We have washer and dryers for you to do your laundry so you don’t have to take it home and we do supply the laundry detergent. We also allow you to customize your own suite when you are here with us, paint and decorate as you would like to go all out, after all, it is your suite and we want you and your clients to feel at home here at Salon and Spa Galleria.

Reviews are showing that nearly 65% of all U.S. salons will offer some form of booth rental model by the year 2017. So why wait? Start today, we have amazing salon leasing available for you. With salon leasing you have the freedom of creating your own schedule; knowing that whatever time of day or night you can schedule your clients. And for those late nights, we have 24-hour surveillance to ensure and your client’s safety. We also have 24-hour access to all of our salons so you can come and go as you please. As an extra at our Grapevine location, we have a full-time concierge to help direct your clients and some of the little extras. We would love for you to join us at one of our many salon locations, just give us a call today, set up a tour with one of our leasing managers and get that business started today.