Beauty Shops For Lease

By July 21, 2017 Blog

Looking to get into your own beauty shop? We can help by being the stepping stone between salons, that is commission based and owning your own business. Beauty shops can be a great place to start when you get out of school or maybe starting over again but what about owning your own?

You can rent a suite for us and build up your clientele we have many tools to help you be successful. All of our suites for rent are customizable and you are able to paint and decorate how you wish. Express yourself through your suite; after all, it is your very own business.

Sell product like a business would do also, statistics show that selling your own product makes up 5 to 15 percent of your revenue. Start making your own hours you work and make the money you always wanted to. Be your own boss is just a phone call way to our leasing managers and set up a tour of any location we have to get you settled into a suite or spa room of your choice.