Hair Salon At Spa Galleria

By July 28, 2017 Blog

At each of our hair salons have twenty-four-hour access to accommodate you and your clients’ needs and have twenty for hour surveillance for the safety and security of you, your client and your suite. If you own or work for a salon you know that the client-stylist relationship is important. People look for salons based on word of mouth, social networking and review sites.

Hair is important to many people and customers want to know that they trust their image with the knowledge of the stylist and salon. So what better, than to make Salon and Spa Galleria your home? We are number one hair salon around after all.

A plus with leasing/renting your suite with us we encourage you to decorate, paint and add your own little touch to your room to make it nice and relaxing for you and your client. Come in and see what all we have to offer all of our tenants.