Hair Salons At Spa Galleria

By September 8, 2017 Blog

When you are ready to start making your own money and stop sharing with someone else from the services you provide, we have a spot with your name on it. Salon and Spa Galleria Arlington, Mansfield, Fort Worth and Grapevine have chairs, suites and spa rooms. We have a variety of sizes, layouts, and prices to accommodate you and what you need for your beauty profession.

It’s known that the first thing you look for when you want to rent your own space is “location, location, location.” Because of that we have 5 existing locations in prime areas and 2 up and coming salons as well. It can also better help you and your clients travel time having so many throughout the DFW area. Once you have chosen Spa Galleria as your foundation we can assist you and give you tools to help you advertise your business and make it boom even more by attracting more clients in your chair.