Chairs And Suites For Rent

By January 5, 2018 Blog
Galleria Salon and Spa gives talented professionals a chance to start their own beauty business.

If you have built a loyal and “magical” customer base, then you are going to thrive better financially with booth rental. All of our suites are move-in ready and customizable to your liking. Express yourself through your walls in your room, paint how you would like or hang stuff up on the wall just go all out, after all, it is your business. You can also sell product out of your suite like a normal business.

Selling your own products provides higher profit margins rather than services fact, selling hair care product or whichever product best fits your specialty, represents 10 to 15 percent of overall revenue. Here at Salon and Spa Galleria for the safety and security of you, your clients and your suite, we have twenty-four-hour access with twenty-four-hour surveillance so you can come and go as you please and mind feels at ease for those late nights.