Beauty Salons For Lease

By January 19, 2018 Blog
Galleria Salon and Spa gives talented professionals a chance to start their own beauty business.

Our number one goal for all of our tenants is to ensure they are 100% satisfied and their business is thriving. So to ensure that we host marketing classes for all of our locations with new and up to date marketing tools and different way of advertising. This will help you have a booked schedule, full clientele base and potentially put anywhere from 65-80% more in your pocket monthly along with the fact you rent your own suite.

There are many positive aspects of renting your own suite and becoming your own boss there are no times like now then to get started on this journey and see why everyone loves to be their own boss. So we hope that you will join us in our growth and make your dreams come true through Salon and Spa Galleria, give our leasing manager today and set up a tour or look at our website to get more information.