Spa Rooms For Rent

By January 19, 2018 Blog

That’s why we host monthly marketing classes as well as a free press release when you sign on with is to make sure that all your clients know where you have moved to or for any new clients that may need your services. Here at Spa Galleria we not only have a variety of suites available but also have beautiful new spa rooms. We welcome all types of professionals to our team, barbers, cosmetologists, nail techs, massage therapists and all other professionals in this industry.

Each of our suites and spa rooms is customizable. Go all out paint, decorate, hang pictures go all out however you would like after all it is your suite and business after all. Being able to express your talents through your suite and it will make it more welcoming for your clients. And to add to the suite we give you a complimentary 32-inch flat screen TV with Direct TV hookup for you to enjoy your downtime and for your clients to enjoy while you are making them beautiful.