Spa Rooms For Rent

By February 23, 2018Blog
Galleria Salon and Spa gives talented professionals a chance to start their own beauty business.

Texas has the highest number of employed cosmetologists, hairdressers, and hair stylists. No need to be that statistic of the employed anymore when you can be your own boss and have your own suite here at Spa Galleria Mansfield. At Spa Galleria Fort Worth, Spa Galleria Irving and Spa Galleria Keller and the many other locations that we have you can sell your own products.

Being able to sell your own products can benefit you because in selling your own retail it provides higher profit margins rather than services. In fact, selling your own hair care products represents five to fifteen percent of overall revenue. Looking for spa rooms for rent in Fort Worth, spa rooms for rent in Arlington, or spa rooms for rent in Grapevine? At all our locations we provide a shampoo bowl or sink whichever you prefer, give you the freedom to decorate and paint the suite that bets fit you to help make it nice and relaxing for you and your clients.