Spa Suites For Rent

By March 2, 2018 Blog
Booth and Suite Rentals in Tarrant County

We offer salon and spa suites for rent and they are customizable to your liking so feel free to paint and decorate how you like and express yourself through your suite. Run your business out of this suite and make your business boom! Starting your business with Salon and Spa Galleria is easy, call and set up an appointment at the location that fits where you want to be located and then just pick which suite you want. It is that easy!

Come take a look at one of our many locations and get that dream business off the papers and onto some ground At Salon and Spa Galleria. We give you twenty-four-hour access to your salon or spa room so that you can accommodate your clients as they need and when is good for you without worrying about having to finish before the salon closes. We would love to have you at any of our locations and join our team here at Salon and Spa Galleria.