Luxury Salon Suites

By May 3, 2018 Blog
Luxurious spa rooms for rent available at Salon & Spa Galleria

Booth renting basically means you own a small business. You set your own hours, wear whatever you want, offer only services you choose and have the clientele you want. If you have a steady clientele, stop giving so much of your money to someone else. Take charge of your own business and make a change.

Become your own boss, make your own hours and make your own money here at Salon and Spa Galleria. If you could see yourself owning your own salon one day you will be on your way. In renting a booth you have the ability to run every aspect of your business. Be an ambitious self-starter, highly motivated, social media savvy and goal oriented all while delivering consistently excellent services.

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Each technician can operate a business within a business. You are responsible for promoting your own services, building your own clientele, providing your own products, as well as handling your own money. By being able to sell your own products you can increase your revenue by 15-20%. By being able to have the freedom of creating your own schedule; of always knowing that whatever time of day or night you can schedule your clients is the great part of this business.

When you have a loyal clientele base you can rent your own space and start making your own money!. It will also be beneficial if you have marketing abilities to make sure your clientele is steady. Booth renting offers the chance to run your own business without the added stress of running an entire salon.

If you are business oriented, set up a business-growth plan with defined goals, and promote your work everywhere online. Ah-yes… Independence! The freedom to do our own thing is at the heart of the American Dream!  Booth renters exemplify that entrepreneurial spirit. We all know that in this industry accommodating clients is a key to a successful business. We make sure that you have full access to the salon twenty-four hours a day seven days a week! We also want to ensure the safety of all on late nights why we have 24-hour surveillance.

Location is the key to a successful business.

Now with all 7 of our locations and the 3 up and coming, we can promise to find you exactly what you need at a great price. With all these great benefits of renting your own booth why wait. Call us today and come rent a suite with us to make your dream come true. We pride ourselves in making sure that all of our prospects and existing tenants are 100% satisfied!

We look forward to giving you a tour at any 6 of our locations and see which one best fits you and your client’s travel needs. Or ask us about our 3 up and coming locations that we have to better accommodate our existing tenants or future tenants with where they want their business to be located. We are just a phone call away so don’t wait a minute longer and call us today!