Salon Suites

By May 13, 2018 Blog
Bedford Spa available now at Salon & Spa Galleria

That’s why we host monthly marketing classes as well as a free press release when you sign on with is to make sure that all your clients know where you have moved to or for any new clients that may need your services. Here at Spa Galleria we not only have a variety of suites available but also have beautiful new spa rooms. We welcome all types of professionals to our team, barbers, cosmetologists, nail techs, massage therapists and all other professionals in this industry.

Start making your own money today!

Throughout the years we have come to find the passion for the beauty industry will fund powerful futures and a rewarding life when working smart. Booth rentals are already prevalent in 55% of salons, a mode of business in higher end salons like Salon and Spa Galleria so you determine your own income and success. And that is our goal here at the salon, to ensure the success of all of our tenants. Come in today!