Salon Studio

By May 16, 2018 Blog
salon & Spa Galleria can help you find the best salon suite for you in the Fort Worth area

One of the many benefits of joining our team the only thing you have to worry about is your clients and your suite. We make certain that the environment is in working order in accordance with state law, that the salon is clean and up to date on all inspections. We just want you to solely focus on the success of your business.

Increase your revenue today!

At Salon and Spa Galleria and being able to lease your own space you have freedom and flexibility. Booth renting basically means you own a small business. You set your own hours, wear whatever you want, offer only services you want and have the clientele you want.

You can also sell product out of your suite or at your station to increase your revenue by up to 10-15 percent, I mean who wouldn’t want that? We encourage all of our tenants to go all out when in their own suite to make as much money as they can and we will stand behind you 100 percent.