Beauty Salons

By April 25, 2017 Blog

We all know that in this industry accommodating clients is a key in a successful business why we make sure that you have full access to the salon twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and to ensure you and your client’s safety we have twenty-four-hour surveillance in and around the building. Each technician can operate a business within a business. You are responsible for promoting your own services, building your own clientele, providing your own products, as well as handling your own money. By being able to sell your own products you can increase your revenue by 15-20%. 

The increased income that follows renting a booth is also extremely attractive and with many booth renters doubling or even tripling their take-home pay when compared to a typical commission situation, great opportunity. When you are ready to make the move and start working for yourself the next step is finding a salon. One of the main things in finding a salon is location. It needs to be convenient for you and your clientele, and with Salon and Spa Galleria having 5 existing locations and 2 up and coming, we can promise to find one that will best fit you and your clients.

We strive to ensure that anyone in this industry that is ready to get out and on their own we can provide then with prime, clean and beautiful locations. We went into each of our locations recently and redecorated and updated! We are so excited to share Salon and Spa Galleria with everyone on our team and make it feel like home. By being able to have the freedom of creating your own schedule; of always knowing that whatever time of day or night you can schedule your clients is the great part of this business.