Beauty Salons

By July 9, 2015 Blog

Beauty salons are always looking for hair stylists right? well what about the other beauty professionals out there that need a job? Lash professionals. Brow technicians, and massage therapist are welcome here at Salon and Spa Galleria. Unlike regular beauty salons we have suites for rent that are available for any professionals in the beauty industry. Beauty salons for rent all over Dallas/Fort Worth. Our suites are totally customizable to your liking and we provide a thirty two inch flat screen for you to enjoy in your down time or for you to entertain your customers with. Salon and Spa Galleria have many beauty salons for rent such as beauty salons Arlington, beauty salons Fort Worth,beauty salons Grapevine and even beauty salons Mansfield. Many locations for your convenience. Customizable suites and laundry service is also available, we also offer twenty four hour security access for your safety.  Our beauty salon Grapevine has an on site full service concierge. Only location that has concierge! If you were looking for beauty salons Irving, beauty salons Keller or beauty salons Southlake then come check out our Grapevine location. Call 972-691-7300 to set up a tour of any of our locations you might be interested in leasing with and get a feel as to what you will be working with on a daily basis. Chairs and suites are available for you to take a tour of and then after that the choice is your as to weather you want a chair or a place to call yours like a suite. We do also offer beauty salons for rent Arlington and all you have to do is give us a call and take that first step towards your future. The step is not going to take itself! It is up to you to decided if working in a commission based saloon is right for you anymore. How about renting a suite and making your own money and hours!