Beauty Salons For Rent In DFW

By October 13, 2017Blog
Hair salon booth rent available at Salon & Spa Galleria

Eventually, you could be on your way to owning your own salon but if you’re not quite ready but are motivated and can manage yourself, being here with us you can make it. Working in your own suite and being your own boss will be a lot more rewarding for you than being in a commission based salon. So why not come check us out, look at the suites and spa rooms for rent that we have available for you to start up your business today.

The growing number of booth rental models or opportunities is not just what it’s about; it’s about growth in the numbers of beauty professionals themselves. There are several pros for this type of employment. If you have built a loyal and “magical” customer base, then you are going to thrive better financially with booth rental.

We offer the best move in specials out there in the industry and some of the most beautiful suites and facilities around why we are rated number one. Each suite that we rent is your own business to sell product out of your suite like a regular business and according to all the new found statistics by selling your own product you can increase your revenue by 10-15 percent. When you rent your own suite with us you can paint, decorate and hang pictures however you would like, express yourself through your walls, after all, it will be your own.

Come in and check out what all we have to offer each of our tenants when they become a part of this amazing experience. Just give one of our leasing managers a call today and get that business you have always wanted up and going. You can set your own hours and rates making it easier to fit work into an active and busy lifestyle.

Booth renting offers the chance to run your own business without the added stress of running the entire salon. Having a hair studio to call your own is every stylist’s dream and you can make that dream come true with Salon and Spa Galleria. We have many different locations to better assist you and your client’s commute but still are in a prime location.

Unlimited income and profit potential-provide you gain the necessary skills and knowledge to run a successful salon. If you are motivated and can manage yourself well, being here with us you will make more by renting a suite than you will as a commissioned employee. Just give one of our leasing managers a call and set up a tour at one of our 6 locations that best fits you.

We are all about out tenants success with is and will do all we can to help. Contact us today and see all the other great things we have to offer when you join our team. We look forward to hearing from you and adding to this beautiful upscale salon. We look forward to hearing from you and you join our team at any location.