Beauty Shops In Grapevine

By February 14, 2017 April 12th, 2017 Blog

Looking to get into your own beauty shop? We can help by being the middle step between a salon that is commission based and owning your own business. Beauty shops can be a great place to start when you get out of school or are starting out again but what about owning your own? You can rent a suite for us and build up your clientele. All of our suites for rent are customizable and you are able to paint and decorate how you wish. Express yourself through your suite, after all, it is your very own business. Sell product like a business would do also. Start making your own hours you work and make the money you always wanted to. Be your own boss is just a phone call way to our leasing managers and setting up a tour of any location we have to get you settled into a suite or spa room of your choice. Beauty salons for rent in Mansfield and we would love to help you into one with our awesome move in specials going on now.

Looking for beauty salons for rent in Southlake? Make the short drive over to our Grapevine location and see what we can offer your future business. Beauty shops in Mansfield, beauty shops in Fort Worth, beauty shops in Arlington and beauty shops in Grapevine is where we are located and would love to show you around the facilities and what we have to offer. Looking for beauty shops in Irving, a beauty shop in Keller or beauty shop in Southlake then we would best service you at our Grapevine location. Laundry services are available for your convenience and also 24-hour access to the spa or salons for those customers that want last minute services. Contact us for your tour.