Booth Rental

By June 27, 2014Blog

The salon industry offers so many great options for you to look in to if you are wanting to be a hair stylist like owning your own salon or working at a commission salon. A salon commission job is usually the first step to getting started or an apprenticeship position with another stylist either way you usually do not start off owning your own salon as you do not have the clients to support it but if you are wanting to lease a suite then that would be a great first step. We offer some great suites at our salons in the north Texas area that could be exactly what you are looking for and our salon leasing managers can help you find what you need. Once you do find what you are looking for you will have to sign a salon chair rental agreement with the salon so that you and them are on the same page. The salon chair rental that we offer is to help the stylists that are just starting out that do not have their own equipment. So, if you are ready to start your own salon business then you really need to come talk to one of our salon leasing managers so that you can find exactly what you want out of your business. A booth rental is available and or rooms that are in some great areas like Grapevine, Arlington and also in the Fort Worth area so that you will have many choices available. If you are a massage therapist and looking to start your own business then you are in luck because we rent massage table out to those who are in need so that they can offer their services. Come see our massage table rentals in order to rent a massage table and start your private practice.

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