Booth Rental In DFW

By February 3, 2017 April 12th, 2017 Blog

Owning your own salon may be a dream you have but seems like a little too much to take on, but still, desire all the perks of having full control of your business. Well, here at any of our Salon and Spa Galleria locations we have the answer. You can have the luxury of being your own boss, making your own money, set your own hours, decide which services you wish to provide, sell your own product and to be in charge of all other business decisions that come along the way. You would not have to worry about anything except the satisfaction of your clients and your cost of a suite or chair that we have depending on which one better fits you and your talents. We have many different suite sizes, layouts, and prices so we assure we will have just what you are looking for at one of our 5 locations. It is very rare to find a trustworthy, honest and successful salon that rent chairs and the luxurious suites like we have. And knowing that your place of work is clean, up to date on all inspections and well maintained can put your mind at ease when going out on our own.

Each of our establishments is in prime locations so you have the ability to grow your business as you see fit. The trend of booth renting has become one of the most contentious ways in the beauty industry. It is the form of hairdressing paradise if you are a trusted artist. All of our salon locations are upscale and provide many amenities and incentives to all of our tenants. As suggested booth renting can be made as a stepping stone to full-scale salon ownership one day. The sky is the limit with the fast rise of this industry. Don’t sell yourself short by working for someone else; give one of our leasing managers a call today. Set up a tour of the salon that best accommodates you and your clients travel needs and see for yourself why we are number one. We would love for all beauty professionals to bring their talents and energy and can be the next greatest addition to our amazing Spa Galleria team.