Booth Rentals

By August 2, 2014Blog

There are many salons in the north Texas area that offer booth rentals as an option to be able to start your very own salon and we are one of them. We want you to be an owner stylist and we would love to give you the perfect space for you to do just that and if you are interested all you have to do is just stop by. When you decide that you would like to lease a suite from one of our locations then you will have to fill out a salon booth rental contract with a leasing manager. Salon booth rental is not for every one because you really need to have a good client list built so if you are just out of school then you really need to think hard about it. We have salons all over the DFW area so if you want to do a salon booth rent Arlington you are in luck because we have what you are wanting. We use only the best in professional beauty supplies and the reason for that is so that you as the client get nothing but the best in services. A professional beauty supply is key to be able to offer the best in services and if that is what you want just stop by any of our great salons. If you are a stylist looking to start your own business in a suite but do not have a chair then you can rent a chair from us. Renting a chair is easy and all you do is just add it to your rent for the week. When you do decide that you would like to do a salon booth rent at one of our salons you will need to fill out a salon agreement.

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