Branding Your Salon Suite Rental How to Tips

By January 16, 2020Blog

Moving into a salon suite rental opens many opportunities to you; flexibility of schedule, the offering of services, the selling product, and more profit. Even if you have been at a salon suite rental for several years, you may be ready for a bit of a revision. Whatever your ownership is as a suite owner, your brand and branding is a significant part of your business, and the setup of this branding can be a fascinating process. A big key to remember that this process should be fun. So to save you some stress, we broke down the branding process into some simple steps.

  1. Find Your Kind of Client

In order for your salon suite lease to be successful, the decision to determine what type of client you would like in your suite. The things that you will want to consider are: desired clientele that matches within your brand and practices, what age range and gender you would like to reach? You will want to consider the surrounding your salon suite. Once you decided on the kind of people you want to visit, start marketing yourself to those particular people.

  1. Use Social Media

 Social media is such an essential way to stay associated with the world around you, particularly when running your own beauty business. The thing to think about is that a new client is going to do a social media investigation of a beauty salon. This happens before deciding whether or not to book an appointment with you. Before your salon studio opens, take the time to set up business pages on Facebook and Instagram. Once you feel satisfied with those two, you should also work on making a Snapchat or Twitter account. Know that all social media platforms can be used in different ways and can attract different audiences. An important thing you want to do is to make sure that your brand’s message is consistent across all platforms.

  1. Build Brand Representatives With Clientele 

Typically, everyone who walks into your salon is a potential representative for your brand. Any style you design on someone is walking advertising for your hair salon. Make sure that you are encouraging your clients to share their positive encounters with your salon, whether that be by word-of-mouth or social media. Give incentives by organizing a client referral marketing program and giving a discount to those who are first-time guests of your salon.

Impression for your clients will be your important question. Think of branding as a combination of company services, products, and philosophy, then a public image.

Any Salon and Spa Galleria locations were created with a luxurious and modern piece for you to fill in with your brand. Playoff our brand, the first impression is when a client walks through the main door. Your brand image can roll seamlessly from the entry, into the salon suite rental. The experience will be part of the brand that will make an impression from entry to the end; this is where our brand is as important as yours.

Part of Salon and Spa Galleria’s brand is to make listening as a piece of our strategy in the leasing benefits and leasing information. We are making notes of all the sections of our tenants’ experience. These tips have given us the overall brand for Salon and Spa Galleria. 


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