Hair Salon Chair

By August 5, 2014Blog

One reason why many stylists look in to salon ownership is so that they can work the hours that they want to and to be able to charge the prices that they want. Here at Salon and Spa Galleria we offer salon suites and so many great areas where we have salons so that you can lease a suite. If you want to lease a suite from any of our locations you will have to sign a barber chair rental agreement with the salon and an amount of time that you are wanting to lease will be discussed. We do have a salon policy that is set so that the salon and the stylists that lease from them have an understanding and will be able to get all issues resolved. We have a artist management group set up that is amazing at getting all of the stylists that come in the best suite possible in order to fit all of their needs. If you are really wanting to do a salon rental at one of our locations then you are more than welcome to stop by the salon that you like the most to get a tour from one of our salon leasing managers. We know that starting a hair salon near Arlington can be a little on the scary side so we are more than willing to help you out so that you can rest easy. The salon suites that we offer are all in great areas such as Grapevine, Arlington and in Fort Worth and they are in fairly new salons with all of the best stuff. When you are ready to check out our salon suites Arlington or want to get more info about starting a hair salon then all you have to do is just give us a call.