Marketing Priorities Of A Growing Salon Chair Rental

By February 27, 2020 Blog
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You have taken a leap of faith and became a salon chair rental business owner.  Along with all the other decisions to grow your business, you ask yourself how do I determine where to focus?  There is your time – you know that little space at any given minute can change the direction of your actions and thoughts.  Let us help train your ideas on how to utilize the time you have to grow your salon chair business.  In the next few tips or better described as action steps, we will list marketing priorities to help you grow your salon business.

While implementing the listed action steps, avoid distractions and activities that will produce a non-productive return in time investment.  You will want to realize what marketing strategies are best suited to grow your salon leasing business, focusing your time and resources on those.

Action Steps

  1. Regular Salon Sales and Price Increase

Remember, as a business owner, your time is a product that is as precious as a jewel for a straightforward reason: You can only sell it once… Increasing regular salon sale price will help your salon space rental grow in profitability and not require you spending more time behind the chair.  An option to increase is to promote and sell (more) retail products by expanding inventory for a more extensive client base. Based on observations and client desires, sell suggested add-ons during the client appointment or consult.  An overlooked though a highly effective way to increase is to upsell and promote gift-cards. A number to think about is 72% percent of gift card shoppers spend more than the amount of the gift card when redeeming.  Pricing is a market tool you will use effectively.

Strategies that can impact sales positively:

  1. Price products differently
  2. Price anchoring
  3. Talk the spending, not the savings
  4. Talk strategic comparisons
  5. Understand the influence of setting, or context
  6. Tiered pricing levels

All these strategies, when implemented correctly, will impact the profit margins.

  1. New Client Attraction

It is easier said than done as the old saying goes.  Turn your thoughts to thinking outside of the box on the different kinds of tactics that will be effective in attracting new hair salon suite clients.

  • Website publishing that includes being optimized for search. When people browse the internet and search for salons in your city location will learn about your salon suite online
  • The unique client experience that you develop should be buzz-worthy
  • Referral rewards need to be offers extended to new clients and the referral person
  • Keep your published content for social media fresh and consistent
  • Make attendance to local networking events, like city events, business network meetings) verify with the local chamber of commerce

Keep in mind the need for a marketing plan that keeps and active engagement across different marketing networks, i.e., email, online media, and website.  Salon and Spa Galleria salon suite leasing owners have available to them a monthly marketing meeting that provides information on how to utilize these types of the marketing system.  This allows the owner to accomplish actual marketing activities with consistent efficiency.

If you’re considering salon chair rental ownership, we encourage you to visit one of the nine DFW area Salon and Spa Galleria locations and ask about the exclusive, tenant-only resources we provide to help owners grow and manage their salon business.

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