My Salon Suites

By May 3, 2018Blog
Salon Business Owner

Our hair studio’s in Fort Worth, Keller, and Grapevine is growing and could be the perfect place to start up your own business you have been wanting. Renting a suite may seem like a step up from being a full-time employee at a hair salon. You feel more independent, you get paid based on your effort and not on a fixed salary.

Come look at our suites today!

We also have multiple salons in the DFW area like Mansfield, Arlington, Grapevine and 2 in Fort Worth as well as two upcoming locations to best fit you and your clients travel time. If you are ready to make that change, get out of those commission based salons and into a suite to call your own, then we are here for you and will make the transition amazing. Reviews are showing that nearly 65% of all U.S. salons will offer some form of booth rental models by the year 2017. So why wait? Start today, we have amazing salon leasing available for you.

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