Own Your Own Small Business With Spa Galleria

By August 6, 2016 Blog

Hairstylists are often faced with two options when they have built a loyal and steady clientele base. You can stay at a commission-based salon for the security and safety of the unknown being an entrepreneur; or you can take a leap of faith, have the confidence in you and your clients to rent a chair or suite and become your own boss, make your own hours, make your own money, sell your own products, choose the services that you want to provide and make all your business decisions. Minus the booth or chair rent you can increase the monthly revenue in your pocket by 65-80% when you don’t have to split your profits like at a commission-based salon. And in doing this eventually you could be on your way to owning your own salon one day if you choose.

If you decide that renting a chair or booth is what you want, Salon and Spa Galleria has exactly what you are looking for. Each suite that is leased out will be your own small business. You are able to paint, decorate, hang pictures heck go all out. Express yourself and your talents through your suite so you can call it your own. We also will include a 32 inch flat screen TV with Direct TV hook up for you to enjoy on your free time or for your clients to enjoy while you are working on them. Also at each of our salon facilities we have washer and dryers and we provide laundry detergent complimentary for you to do your towels and capes so you don’t have to take them home. Along with many other incentives and amenities we have at each of our salons. Our Grapevine location has a full-time concierge to help direct your clients and assist any other tasks as needed. We want to provide all of our tenants with as much as we can so all they have to worry about is their clients and suites. Come out to one of our locations, take a tour and sign with is on the spot.