Owner Stylist

By August 6, 2014Blog

A salon commission job can be a great way to start most stylist careers but after you have built your client list up you will want to make more money and a name for your self. Starting a salon business in one of our studios is a great way to get your name out there and we are great at helping the small business owners that lease from us do just that. if you are interested in seeing any of the studios that we have and would like to get a tour then you are more than welcome to stop by so that we can show you around. The salon industry is a great industry to be in so that you will be able to use your creative side and so that you get to set your own hours and your own price lists for your services. If you are ready to get in to your own small business ownership and do not know where to begin then you have come to a great place to start with us. There are many salons that are hiring in the DFW area but if you truly want to make the best out of your career then you will want to come see one of our leasing managers. In the Fort Worth area there are many salons hiring so that you can have a salon salary job and that might be the place for you to start but once you are ready to have your very own business all you will need to do is just come see us. Our leasing manager are the best when it comes to finding the best suite in order to fit all of your needs and to get you great results for your new business to make money.

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