Owner Stylist

By August 7, 2014Blog

In order to rent a chair at one of our salons you will need to be a tenant that is leasing a suite and to sign a rental agreement with us as well. A hair stylist salary is really based on what services that they offer and how mush they charge for those services and the amount of hours they work will also determine what they will make. We carry all of the best in professional beauty supplies so that the stylists will be able to offer the best in services to their clients and if you decide that you would like to be an owner stylist you could come check out what we have to offer in our suites. If you are just out of hair stylist school there are so many options for you to think about like going to a commission salon or being an apprentice and then also you could start your own business as a mobile hair stylist or at one of our salons. So, if you are wanting to know how to become a hair stylist then you should stop by one of our salons or check out your local hair school. many hair stylist use all sorts of hair stylist supplies in order to achieve the best results for their clients and we want them to get the best. One of our salon leasing managers are great at finding the best suite possible for you so that you can start your new business and to make a name for you and your company. If you would like to get a tour of the salon that you are interested in then please feel free to contact us and we can set up a time to show you all of the great locations that we have.

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