Salon Ownership

By July 2, 2014 Blog

If you do decide that you would like to lease one of our salon suites at one of our locations our salon leasing managers will gladly help you pick out some great hair stylist business card designs. We also have a hair salon chair that you can rent if you do not have all of your own tools and we also have other items that you may need that we have as well with salon ownership. We set up booth rental agreements for all of our new tenants that lease from us so that there is no questions asked if there is a problem with the lease agreement. If you are wanting booth rental Arlington then you are in luck because we have exactly what you are looking for and we also have suites at our salons in Grapevine and Fort Worth. The hair color experts that are at our salons all ready do great with the business that they get and we are always looking for new tenants at our salons so if you want a tour then just stop on by.If you are not sure about leasing a suite because you do not have the clients then you should come talk to one of our leasing managers so that they can discuss the business builder program we offer all of our new tenants. Booth-rental is not for every one and if you would like to speak to one of the leasing managers at our salons you are more than welcome to and they will answer all of the questions they can. The booth rental contracts that we put together are set up to help you the tenant and the salon to be in the same understanding as far as all of the terms and so on, so that we both get what we are wanting.