Salon Rental

By June 26, 2014Blog

Come see one of our salon leasing mangers if you are wanting to get more info about a beauty salon booth rental so that you can start your own business as soon as possible. A salon rental is so much easier than you think it is and we would like to prove it to you by simply giving you a tour of our facilities so that you will know what you are getting in to. The salon suites that we have are all in great locations such as Arlington, Grapevine and also in Fort Worth and they are all located near major highways with very easy access. So, if you are interested in the salon suites Arlington that we have and would like to have a tour then simply stop by or contact one of our salon leasing manager. The leasing managers are great at helping you get started in your new business with things like starting a business checklist and so much more. Once you do decide on the suite you are going to use as your new business location you will need to fill out a barber shop chair rental agreement with one of our managers. A barber chair rental agreement is in place to help you as the new tenant understand the guidelines of the salon so that you are on the same page as the salon owner. So, with the help of Salon and Spa Galleria you will be starting a hair salon in no time at all and our artist management group will help you with as much as possible. We just recently opened a new location in Mansfield so if you are looking at starting a hair salon near Arlington you should really come check out the one we have just built off of Sublet.

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