Salon Room for Rent in Tarrant County

By May 10, 2018 Blog
salon room for rent inside of salon and spa galleria

Finding salon room for rent should not be a hassle.

Why do we think it is a good idea to look for a salon room for rent as opposed to renting space for a beauty salon

After all, those are two different things, you know?

In the first scenario you are simply renting a suite in a salon building. The second scenario means you are renting retail space, like a storefront.

Salon Room for Rent is a Huge Financial Difference

There is a huge difference financially between those two options and that is the topic of this article.

The Financial Advantages of Choosing a Salon Suite for Rent as Opposed to Renting an Entire Salon

What’s the number one mistake small-business owners make when starting a business?

  • They overextend financially and eventually (within two years) cannot meet their financial obligations.

In other words, they don’t have the cash flow to pay for overhead.  It happens time and time again, to talented people with a great product or service. They simply can’t afford the lease, the utilities, the marketing and other incidental expenses . . . and they sink!

A salon booth rental makes great sense!

When you rent a salon booth from a company like Salon & Spa Galleria, your only monthly expense is your booth rental fee. Salon & Spa Galleria provides a marketing package. They provide 24/7 access to your salon, they provide internet, a website, and they provide their name, which carries considerable weight in the stylist profession.

All you do is build your clientele and pay your weekly/monthly rental fee.

Can you say “SWEET DEAL?”

Run this scenario through your mind:

  • You are a talented stylist
  • For years you have been dealing with salon chair rentals in salons owned by people less-talented than you
  • Profit-sharing is not cutting it anymore
  • You are tired of having your equipment stolen by fellow stylists in that salon
  • Moving from one salon to the next is a hassle, but you are constantly looking for a better deal

Along comes Salon & Spa Galleria to the rescue!  Salon & Spa Galleria offers a working environment where you are the boss, you keep the profits and you benefit completely. Everything is included for a very low suite rental fee.  For a struggling stylist looking to get established, but strapped for cash, this is a financial deal which is hard to ignore.

But don’t take our word for it . . . call Salon & Spa Galleria and find out for yourself!