Spa Galleria

By June 23, 2017 Blog

Stylists all in the Arlington area are all looking for the same thing, a suite or small business to call their own. All beauty professionals are welcome to join us at Salon and Spa Galleria and get your dream business started. All the suites we offer are customizable, so feel free to paint and decorate how you would like. Give your suite its own little dazzle and make it feel like home. We also give you a 32-inch flat screen TV and with Direct TV hookup to enjoy your free time or for your clients to enjoy while you are working on them. We all know that in this industry accommodating clients is a key in a successful business why we make sure that you will have full access to the salon twenty-four hours a day seven days a week and to ensure you and your clients safety we have twenty-four hour surveillance in the building and around the building for those late night clients.

The freedom to do your own thing is at the heart of the American Dream, and booth renters exemplify that entrepreneurial spirit. Working for yourself and being able to have full control of your money is exhilarating. On average after your overhead, if you have a decent clientele you will be putting 65-80% more in your pocket monthly just by renting a suite. You can also sell your own product out of your suite to help increase your revenue by 10-15 percent. We give you free range when you are here with us after all it is your business after all. We want your experience of being your own boss to be the best that it could possibly be. We want to make sure that you are in a great location why we have five open salons to choose from and three and upcoming locations. This gives you the ability to pick the perfect facility that accommodates you and your clients travel time. Give one of our leasing managers a call today and set up a tour.