Stylist Business

By June 17, 2014Blog

If you are interested in renting a salon suite at one of our salon locations you will first need to take a tour so that you can find the suite that you will want and then you will have to fill out a salon chair rental agreement. Doing a salon suite rental compared to a salon commission job is like night and day as you will be making so much more money because you do not have to give it to the salon. The salon industry is great to be in as it is very open in your schedule and you can make your own pricing as you offer a service no one else does. So, if you think it is time for salon ownership then you really should come see one of our salon leasing managers today so that you can find the suite that you like. A salon salary job works out great for stylists that are just starting out and do not have a clientele because you still get paid if you do not have clients. If you are a new stylist and just graduated then you will be able to find many salons hiring as most stylist after a time go to suite rental salons to be on their own. Salon and Spa Galleria offers the very best in options for a stylist business so that you can have your own small business ownership. Our salon leasing mangers are great at finding the studios that our tenants are looking for so that they will be able to offer all of the services that they are wanting to. If you are interested in having a tour of any salon that we have then you are more than welcome to stop by or contact us so that we can schedule a time to meet.

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