Salon Chair Rental Options for Barbers

By May 30, 2019Salon Spa Blog
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You’re a bonafide barber wanting a salon chair rental with options.  Options that will give you more pack to your value punch.   We are Salon and Spa Galleria the bonafide business model to provide you everything from a salon chair rental to a suite. If you like to know more on these fantastic options keep reading and give us a call at (972) 691-7300. We would love for you to see the salon chairs and suites that are available.

The Salon Chair Rental Attractiveness

For Barbers, the attractiveness of a salon chair rental starts with location, price, and amenities.  The ideal business location choice should best fit you and your clients’ travel needs.   A salon chair rental in Grapevine at Salon and Spa Galleria is a decision on a great site; it’s a 15-minute drive from the Dallas / Ft Worth International Airport and is nestled in a quaint town with lots of activities.  Grapevine chair rental means a space that is fully equipped, for an affordable way to lease and saving hundreds not having to purchase your personal the equipment.   Did we mention the salon chair rentals with prices start as low as $50 @ week?  Yes, that’s it! So imagine owning a business with all your major overhead expenses covered for as little as the cost of a haircut. The list of amenities are numerous, keep reading as we cover a majority of them next.

Amenities Are Attractive 

As a professional that knows a bargain so when you read the list of you will have that Ah-ha moment.

  • Professional equipment provided
  • Marketing assistance including press release and web page
  • HDTV
  • WiFi
  • Utilities included
  • Washer and dryer
  • Full-time concierge
  • 24-7 Security monitoring
  • And much more with every salon chair rental

Think about it, to pay for these amenities would put an end to any new barber business before it launched.   And know that all these amenities are available for any of the 9 Salon and Spa Galleria locations.  Now with no other words to say;  if there is a better deal that exist you better take advantage of it.

Being A Boss Is Attractive

Being your own boss can be attractive so you can make your own hours and have more free time to spend with loved ones.  You are able to sell your own products to make your own money.  Who would not want to make 50% plus more each month?  You get to practice and develop your own techniques and style.  As a professional who wouldn’t want to provide a new level of sophisticated sexiness to your clients look.

The Attractive Salon And Spa Galleria

We are locally owned and operated, and is the pioneer leader in the salon chair and booth rental industry.  Being local we think is very important as a hands-on company which makes sure our clients are well-taken care of.  Helping individuals achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs. Come take a look at any of our locations and see what we have to offer when you start up your own business.

Again, give us a call (972) 691-7300 and find out about all our great opportunities.