A Salon Room Rental is a Wise Financial Decision

By May 28, 2019Salon Spa Blog
A salon room rental is a sound financial decision

We should qualify that statement: a salon room rental is a wise financial decision for those in the beauty industry who want to gain financial freedom.  If that does not describe you . . . if you are satisfied working for someone else, in a beauty salon, for commissions, then don’t bother reading any more of this article.

But if you want to get ahead, and be your own boss, read further and then call us at (817) 823-7105. That phone call could change your life.

Are you a beauty professional with a dream?

If so, what is that dream?  Do you envision one day owning your own beauty shop,  or do you just envision working for yourself on a small scale, like a step up from  a home-based beauty business?  What we can tell you, without any hesitation, is that your dream will only happen if you stop working for other people. Working in a beauty salon owned by someone else is a one-way road to nowhere, and that road most definitely does not lead to your dream.

Basic math regarding booth rental vs commission

Let’s do a simple math problem.  Let’s say you work in a beauty salon owned by someone else, and you get paid a 40% commission for all work you perform.  Let’s also say, in this scenario, you take care of twenty customers in a week at an average charge of $50 per customer.  That computes to $2000 worth of business for that week, and your commission on that work is $800.  Not a bad week of work, and that computes to $3200 for the month, or a little over $37,000 for the year.  At those earnings you are lower middle class, and the only way to increase your earnings is to service more customers.

Now let’s look at salon suite rentals, and let’s use our business model at Salon & Spa Galleria for a base comparison.  At Salon and Spa Galleria you pay as little as $50 per week for your salon suite lease, or $200 per month.  That fee basically pays for your overhead for the month.  Utilities are included, furniture is included, marketing is included.  So those twenty customers per week grosses you $2000, minus $50, for a profit of $1950 for the week instead of $800.  Using that scenario, you are now making close to $70,000 per year instead of $37,000.

Which sounds better to you, booth rental vs commission?

The point is this: look around your city for a salon booth rental opportunity similar to that found at Salon & Spa Galleria.  It is the only way you are going to realize that dream of yours.

About Salon & Spa Galleria

We are locally owned and operated with ten convenient locations in the Greater Fort Worth area.  Prices for a salon suite lease begin at $50 per week at select locations.  That cost is all-inclusive, meaning all you pay, in addition to the lease cost, is the cost of your supplies and the cost of any product you plan to sell in our salon suite.  If you have a dream of financial independence in the beauty industry, a salon room rental is the only option which makes sense.