Pitfalls of a Salon Space Rental You Need to be Aware Of

By March 17, 2020 Salon Spa Blog
You need to be aware of possible problems with a salon space rental before committing

By now, if you are in the beauty industry, you have no doubt heard of the great advantages of a salon space rental.  You have heard about the wonders of being your own boss, you have heard about how great it is to pocket most of the profits, and you have heard how cool it is to be in charge of your future.

What you have heard about are the pitfalls of renting a salon space rental . . . until now!

Read on and decide for yourself whether you can overcome the pitfalls we are about to share with you, and then contact us if you have more questions about salon booth rentals.

The first pitfall of a salon space rental

We are going to be blunt about this, so please forgive us in advance.

You may not be cut-out to be a business owner. Some people are not, and that is quite all right.  This isn’t a negative; it’s just the real of it.  Some workers function quite well, in fact better, working for someone else, while others thrive in an independent scenario.  You have to decide which type of person you are.

Are you self-motivated?  Are you capable of pushing yourself each and every day without someone standing over you giving you direction?  Owning your own business means showing up daily, no excuses, and no safety net.  It means being your own advertising and marketing department.  It means being your own accounting department.  It means the buck stops at your doorstep, and your success, or failure, rests in your lap.

Are you cut out for that type of responsibility?

Make sure of your answer before you proceed with a salon booth rental.

The second pitfall

Do you have a financial cushion for the hard times?

Without a doubt, renting a salon chair rental or salon booth is an inexpensive way to start a business, but it also a bit scary.  You will need a financial cushion to tide you over for the first couple months. Even though the start-up costs are low, and even though the overhead is also low, you will face a situation, that first month or so, when revenue is low.  Make sure you can cover your own living expenses while you wait for business to pick up.

If you pass those tests,  and all systems are go, you will be entering an exciting new chapter of your life, one in which you are in control of your financial future.  We are Salon & Spa Galleria, and we have many independent beauty professionals who rent salon booths from us and do quite well.  There is nothing quite like being your own boss and raking in the profits earned from your own hard work.

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