The Best Salon Suite Rental Fort Worth Opportunity

By December 24, 2019Salon Spa Blog
We offer the best salon suite rental opportunity in Fort Worth

Are you looking for the best salon suite rental Fort Worth opportunity?  If so, the first question you must ask is this: how do you determine which is the best?  What is the best for one person may not be the best for you, so how do you determine the best salon suite rental opportunity for your situation?

We can help! Save this number is your list of contacts . . . (817) 823-7105 . . . that will connect you with Salon & Spa Galleria Fort Worth, and trust us when we tell you we have what you need.

So, what do you need in a salon suite?

What criteria would you use in determining the best salon booth rental opportunity for you?  Financial cost? Amenities offered? Location?   The whole point of renting a salon booth lease is to provide yourself with the best possible opportunity for success, correct?  If that is true then all three of those criteria . . .  cost, amenities, and location must be considered.

The cost of a salon booth rental

What does a salon suite rental cost? We can certainly answer for our business model.  At Salon & Spa Galleria, you can rent a salon booth for as little as $50 per week.  In fact, at this moment, we have a move-in special called our $5 for 5, meaning you can rent a luxury salon suite for five bucks per week for the first five weeks. We throw that out there for you to compare when you are shopping around at other salon booth rental companies.

Amenities offered

At Salon and Spa Galleria Fort Worth, or at any of our other locations, we provide everything you need to run your own business other than the cost of your supplies and any products you are going to sell in our salon suite. All other overhead is included in the monthly fee, and that includes utilities, a marketing package, a web page, HDTV, WiFi, a laundry facility, furniture, a full-time concierge, it is all in that weekly rental fee.  We are basically a turnkey operation, offering a full range of amenities necessary for running your own beauty business.


Salon & Spa Galleria has two prime locations in Fort Worth as well as seven other locations in Tarrant County. All are in high-traffic  locations; all offer luxury surroundings; all are prime business locations which guarantee a constant flow of potential customers.

All of that and more is offered by Salon & Spa Galleria Fort Worth, plus the fact that we are locally owned and operated and a highly-trusted name in the industry.  Our goal is to provide you with a situation which is nearly impossible to fail in.  If you have the talent and the drive to succeed, your chance for success is waiting for you at Salon and Spa Galleria.  No longer will you have to work for commissions at a beauty salon owned by someone else.  You can be your own boss, name your own hours, and pocket the profits.  We make it possible for you to show up and succeed, and really isn’t that what everyone in this industry truly wants?

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